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20 Cents/Gallon. Instantly.

Companies Operating Fleet of Vehicles use Fuel Navigator to enhance their existing Fuel Card and save additional 20 cents/gallon.

What is fuel navigator

Smart fuel-buying is key for fleet operators to drive down costs, yet most long-haul trucking fleets operate without the information they need to eliminate unnecessary expenses.

Trackmais Fuel Navigator is the industry-leading fuel purchase optimization system customized for each carrier fleets of 50 trucks or more who purchase a substantial portion of their fuel on the road.

When to buy fuel

Knowing when it’s the right time to refill is crucial part of the smart fuel buying decisions.


Where To Buy Fuel

What’s the best location and what chain provides the most value for money is crucial for maximum saving.


How Much Fuel To Buy

Having visibility to know how much fuel to buy on this location because maybe down the route there’s better offers waiting.


Why Fuel Navigator

With regional and daily differences in fuel costs even different truckstops in the same chain vary significantly in pricing along any given route. It’s impossible to realize maximum fuel purchase savings unless you buy at the lowest price chain locations on your route each day. Selecting the wrong fueling locations, even where you have discounts, means your drivers spend more than necessary on fuel each trip.

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Playing Favorites Can Cost You Money

Pricing between truckstop chains in the same region can also differ greatly your lowest buy prices are balanced with the shortest practical driving route and your vehicle MPG to plan the fewest fuel stops to keep your savings high.


Take Control of Your Fuel Costs

Shippers ask you to bid your lowest price on a lane before they award freight to you. Why let fuel vendors insist on gallon purchase commitments before they offer you their best pricing?


Save 20 Cents per Gallon

Optimal fuel purchase plan at the time of dispatch proven to save up to 20 cents per gallon, per truck with multiple optimization options to model different cost vs. savings scenarios.


Evaluate Fuel Price Discounts

With Fuel Navigator, you gain the market knowledge and negotiating leverage to evaluate fuel price discounts and to use free market competition to ensure that you get the best rates possible from the chosen vendors for your fleet business.


How it works

Machine Learning Algorithms constantly learn about your vehicle usage to improve recommendations and ensure an average of 20 cents per gallon savings.

Fuel Navigator goes live and recommends the drivers when, where and how much fuel to buy to make sure you always get the cheapest possible fuel.

Fuel Card savings and discounts you have negotiated are taken in consideration when customizing the Fuel Navigator algorithm.

Telematics devices customized exclusively for your vehicles are installed via J1939 port or hardwired. Data collection starts.


Powerful Technology

Trackmais Fuel Navigator blends the technology power of your existing dispatch and mobile communications systems with current and accurate fuel pricing and routing data.

Fully Automatic

It automatically generates fuel purchase and route plans at the time of dispatch and transmits them to drivers without staff intervention.

Detailed Instructions

The trip plan includes highway-by-highway directions and specific fuel-buying instructions, including the number of gallons to buy at each truck stop. Fueling plans are generated in real-time, and in a matter of seconds.



Save money on fuel

Fuel Navigator will deliver savings up to 20 cents per gallon. No matter what fuel card you currently use there is still big room for improvement. Due to constant fuel price change along any given route it is impossible for fleet managers to provide real-time fueling plans for company drivers. This is where Fuel Navigator shines - by providing the full automated solution.


Get Fueling process visibility

Fuel Navigator successfully prevents any possibility of company fuel card misuse by drivers and possible fuel theft. Advanced telematics devices will record the amount of fuel added to the fuel tank if 2 fuel tanks are installed then it will collect data for both and compare this result to fuel tank level will be detected and the company will be alarmed.



  • The Industry’s Leading Fuel Purchase
    Optimization System

    On average, customers realize savings of 12 cents per gallon on a closed network, and 20 cents per gallon on an open network.

  • Get an average saving of $250 per
    truck/month for OTR trucks

    Savings are the same whether you buy 1 million gallons of fuel per year or per week. The fact is, there is always variation in fuel price, even when fuel prices are low, and even within network.



Step 1 – 1. Day

Fuel Navigator Algorithm & Telematics Device Customization

Step 2 – 5. Day

Importing Fleet Info and Optional Fuel Card Discounts & Deals

Step 3 – 20. Day

Fuel Navigator Live Testing and Optimization

Step 4 – 30. Day

Live Fuel Navigator Deployment and Savings Start

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I already have Fleet Fuel Card. Can I still use Fuel Navigator?

Yes, of course. Despite using Fuel Card and getting discounts there is still room for improvement. Fuel Navigator works together with Fleet Fuel Card and Fuel Purchase Program you might have to deliver additional 20 cents/gallon savings.


Do I need to install Telematics Device to use Fuel Navigator?

Yes, to use Fuel Navigator we need to install a high end Telematics device that is configured for your vehicles. It can be installed Plug n Play or hard wired. Even if you already have a device using a J1939 port we can still install it in 3 min via plug n play cable.


How are drivers informed where to buy cheapest fuel?

System automatically informs the drivers via SMS sent to their mobile phones. Alternatively messaging can be integrated into any other onboard communication device if one is used. There is no need for any mobile app installation neither data plan is required.


How do I access the Fuel Navigator user dashboard?

Fuel Navigator enterprise grade user dashboard is a web based application that can be accessed from any internet connected device and from anyplace in the world. There is no need to install anything and it works on all devices.


How do I know exactly how much fuel we saved and what’s the ROI?

Fuel Navigator provides detailed reporting and analytics capabilities for the entire fleet and individually per driver to enable fleet managers to know exactly how much money they saved and what’s the ROI in any given time.